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The Tour De France Guide is going to sell like hotcakes Jul 16

If there is one thing that any sports fanatic loves is detailed description and commentary from experts, so that they can keep track of their favorite sport at all times. It is this kind of an audience that the Tour De France guide, which is a magazine that is being released for this year’s- Tour De France 2010, race.

As you might know already, the Tour De France race begins from July 3rd and will continue on till the 22nd of the same month, and something like the Tour De France Guide is going to be perfect for people to keep track of the race at all times. This guide is going to contain expert commentary and opinion as well as all the information that anyone might need on the race this year.

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The Strand Craft Super Yacht Goes Completely Overboard Jun 18

Strand Craft, the well-known manufacturer of elite classic-style boats enhanced by modern technology, has announced their latest offering, the Strand Craft 122 Yacht: gorgeous, expensive, and almost entirely unattainable.  At a cost of $24 million (£17 million), and with only six slated for production, it’s going to be harder to get your hands on one of these than the coveted Bugatti Veyron, and with a ridiculously steep price point, it caters to only the most extravagant spenders.  So what can you expect from a yacht that costs more than a mansion?

Strand Craft Super Yacht

You start with 122 feet of sleek, sexy, streamlined exterior.  This thing seriously looks like a stealth plane sitting on the water.  Inside, you’ll find a stylish art deco interior that hearkens back to the lavish lifestyle of the roaring ‘20s, four large double staterooms, and spacious salon and receptions areas to fit your entertainment bill (and 52-inch LED TVs and superior sound systems provided by Bang and Olufson in every room are sure to meet the media needs of your guests).  Bonus: this thing even sports bulletproof windows

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Top 10 Superyachts in the world Jun 10

If somebody asks you what the jewels of the sea are, your definite answer will be the yachts. These floating mansions represent the crown of lifestyle ruling the blues sea with its horizon. The most luxurious fleet of yachts counts the top 10 on its list:

10. KOGO super yacht. 4 years ago the KOGO Superyacht was built with 235 feet long and a capability to accommodate 12 guests in 5 luxurious suits. Designed by the hand of Tim Heywood, this yacht features living area both indoor and outdoor, helipad, massage and beauty room fully equipped with steam room and a large Jacuzzi. KOGO offers four KAWASAKI jet skis for those that want feel the excitement of the water sports. Speed and dynamic movement is easily stabilized to zero ensuring comfort during charter parties.

Carinthia VII owner Helmut Horten

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Yachts, Superyachts enriched the Cannes Film Festival 2010 May 26

82.9m Signora Del Vento Lady of the Wind Superyacht

The 63rd Cannes Film Festival was opened with screenshots of the newest from Ridley Scott – the movie adaptation on the story of the “Prince of the Thieves”, simply called Robin Hood. The first ones to step at the stage were the contributors to this film which has a guaranteed bright future ahead, as well as the starring actress Cate Blunchet and the co-producer, Russell Crowe. Other big names from the film industry whose years of work and successful movies have earned them the name celebrities were also attending this event, some of which were: Kate Beckinsale, Tim Burton, Woody Allen, Benecio Del Toro, Alberto Barbera, Vincent Perez and Emmanuel Carrere.
Cannes Film Festival is the home of the best the cinema had to offer the previous year. It also has the function of a home for some remarkable beauties from the yachts’ family. We will introduce you with some of them:

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