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Preparing Yourself for a Boating Emergency Feb 27

Boating can be a thrill for some and a relaxing separation from working life for others but unfortunately, the threat of an emergency is always the same. You never know what might happen when you find yourself in a remote part of the world in the middle of the ocean, so it’s always vitally important to come prepared on any voyage.

Emergencies could be just around the corner and could even put your life in danger at times, so it’s essential that you come fully equipped for any potential disaster. Here are some of the things you need to watch out for should you be planning a boating trip in the coming weeks. Read the rest of this entry »

A Royal Yacht Gets the Royal Treatment Jul 20

A Royal Yacht Gets the Royal Treatment

If you’ve been interested in boating for awhile, you have probably heard of the Britannia (officially a yacht of the Royal Fleet, unofficially Scotland’s best visitor attraction).  And while it is the most famous floater in the fleet, known to house royal dignitaries from time to time, it is not the only boat that has been owned and loved by Britain’s elite aristocracy.  A lesser known (and smaller) yacht, the Bloodhound, was once a part of this illustrious cadre of boats, and while it was subsequently sold (again and again), eventually falling into disrepair and the annals of yachting history, the once great ship that won many a race has received a face-lift and a second chance at glory, thanks to one devoted couple.

The life of this yacht began in 1936 when it was built by Camper and Nicholson’s for an American lover-of-all-things-English, Ike Bell, who named the boat Bloodhound in honor of his post as Master of the Wiltshire Hounds.  The 63-foot long racing vessel served its owner well, allowing him to enjoy great success racing in both the south of England and Bermuda until 1962, when it was bought by Prince Phillip and added to the Royal Fleet.  In addition to winning several races with his 12-man crew (including the famous Cowes Week regatta), the Prince sailed it alongside the Britannia on the family’s yearly cruise to the Western Isles, subsequently using the old girl to teach Prince Charles and Princess Anne to sail.  The Bloodhound was not only used in the service of the crown, though.  Throughout its tenure in the Royal Fleet, it was also loaned out to yachting clubs with a 3-man crew to teach other youngsters how to sail (thousands, in fact), and spread the culture that the princes and princesses of the country adored.

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Top 5 technologically advanced yachts and superyachts Jun 24

Yachts today are the motor watertight homes of many wealthy individuals and this is no surprise since from the end of the 16th century until today, these sailing homes have experienced long and eventful history of constant development which is the reason why from sailing boats with the purpose of transport of the Dutch navy in the late 16th century, they have become luxurious resorts that could be afforded by very few.

Aside from the luxurious features, this period of constant improvement has made them the most technologically advanced beauties the seas and oceans have ever seen. This is the reason why it is logical to seek for the top 5 technologically advanced yachts in the newer models of the renowned yacht manufacturers.

1.) The first on our list is a member of the Bentley family. Bentley as a yacht manufacturer is known to bring the most technologically advanced pieces in the yacht industry. Each and every manufacture from this company is well known for the advanced military hull, completely equipped to provide the smoothest ride first of all thanks to the computerized motion control system and all of them are proven to beat the yachts from all other manufacturers, no matter the current sea conditions.

Bentley Super Yacht Gemini 192

Bentley Super Yacht Gemini 192

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Finding The Best Satellite TV Solution For Your Yacht Apr 28

Emocean Marina Small Yachts Boats

The perpetual sound of waves lapping against the hull, the smell of fresh water or salt, cruising under the sun, bobbing and weaving across expanses of open water, taking a dip, dining at sea, or partying under the stars. It’s all an exquisite adventure on the yacht of your dreams.

Whether you rent one for a vacation cruise or you own one that takes you on various journeys, your love of scuttling over oceans and lakes is both an escape and a treasure. Even with all that the boating life offers, sometimes you need some visual entertainment in the form of moving pictures that aren’t moving past the stern.
Of course, there are plenty of DVD and Blu-ray players, as well as video game players that can keep you busy. But, if you’re on an extended journey, you aren’t going to want to spend the hours you’ll need when you get back to landlubbing reality to catch up on all your favorite shows. Or for those who actually live at sea on their yachts, you may be missing just about everything.

amfloridian superyacht

There is an alternative. You can get satellite TV on your yacht. Technology is advancing in leaps and bounds, and part of these advances are satellite dishes that adjust to your movement. You can go with the standard dishes that will need some adjustments when you anchor for the day. Or you can get the flat discs that adjust themselves as you move.

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