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What is the most Suitable Hyundai Vehicle for the Yacht Owners? Apr 08

Did You Know That Hyundai Produces Yachts?

Hyundai Yacht

Hyundai Group started the Hyundai Yacht business in 1975 as Kyungil Yacht Industry Co. Ltd.ith the establishment of ASAN Chung Ju-yung, Hyundai Group founder. The project continued in the company “Special Ships Operation Division of Hyundai Precision & Industrial Co. Ltd”, “Hyundai Life Boats Co. and Hyundai Yachts Co., Ltd.

Hyundai Yacht 01

This company is the first yacht manufacturer in the Korean history. They started to build sailing yachts from 33 – 44 feet, as well as “Sonata” motor yachts models 3100 and 5300. The first sailboat that officially crossed the Pacific Ocean in 1980 was named “Bluebird”. This boat proved the yacht building capability in Korea in general.

Hyundai Yacht 02

Hyundai Yacht is the company that now builds the model “Asan 45” in cooperation with “Prince Yacht Design, Inc.” a yacht design and marine-engineering office based in Wisconsin U.S. This company won the U.S. National Marine Manufacturers Association award in 1996.

Hyundai Yacht 03

Before he has founded his company, the owner Bill Prince worked for the yacht designer Michael Peters, Island Packet Yachts as well as the America’s Cup winner Ted Hood.

Bill Prince has created compelling designs for yachts from 9 to 60 meters (30-feet to 197-feet) with unique, modern and classic designs in both power and sail yachts.
Hyundai Asan 62 Model is designed by Bill Prince Yacht Design, Inc., like the 1st yacht with truly innovative and proven pod-propulsion systems available today.

This yacht posses advanced powertrain and different mechanical systems integrated neatly under the cockpit, high performance hull and luxurious 2-level interior, full beam main salon with the largest hullside-windows in any yacht under 30-meter (100-feet), 3 staterooms and 3 heads on 1 level, luxury sky lounge together with a wet bar and additional head on the second level. The interior of this yacht promises privacy, luxury and sophistication previously unseen on a yacht from this size.

Hyundai yacht 04

What Hyundai car is More Suitable for the Yacht Owners? Grand Santa Fe or Equus?

1. Hyundai Grand Santa Fe

Charming Hyundai Grand Santa Fe is premium vehicle and sophisticated, with extraordinary comfort and great performance with the last state of Hyundai’s art technologies.
hyundai grand santa fe
This SUV is positioned in between the D-SUV and S – SUV segment to meet the customers’ demands for more premiums SUV with a lot of space and competitive price.
This SUV is completely new concept of vehicle with more voluminous surface and stronger balanced lines based on the original Hyundai “Storm Edge” concept from the smaller Santa Fe (Sport) and new stylish, convenient premium interior.
The powertrain of the vehicle is very exciting. There are 3 types of engines that can be installed under the hood: 3.3-liter Lambda II GDI -294hp/6,400, than 3.3-liter Lambda II MPI-270hp/6,400 – V6 engine, 3.0-liter Lambda II GDI-264 hp/6,400, and 2.2-liter R-VGT CRDi-197hp/3,800 –4-cylinder diesel engine with highly efficient turbo charger. Read more on Grand Santa Fe Overview.

hyundai grand santa fe 1
2013 Hyundai Santa Fe dashboard
2013 Hyundai Santa Fe space cabin

2. Hyundai Equus

With a lot of cutting edge premium features, new GDi engines and developed stylish exterior and interior, Hyundai will challenge more established competitors’ brand from Germany and Japan.
The New Equus (Centennial) experienced exterior changes trough the face lifting, but redesigned stylish dashboard and improved comfort on front and rear seats shows new look inside. Hyundai improved the noise reduction and cabin became ultra quiet.
equus 4
In the new Hyundai Equus a lot of premium features are integrated: head Up display, blind-spot detection system, haptic steering wheel put this hi-class luxury sedan to the top of this car’s segment according to the newest technology.
Hyundai’s brand direction “Modern Premium” truly enhanced the new Hyundai Equus (Centennial) with more sophisticated technology, comfort and luxury.
The power train of new Hyundai Equus are these 2 engines: Lambda 3.8 V6 engine with 334 ps and TAU 5.0 V8 engine available with 8-speed automatic transmission with 430 ps, top sped 240 km/h and 5.8 sec. 0-60mph (0-100 km/h). Read more on Equus (Centennial) Overview.
equus 3
equus 2
equus 1

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YachtPlus – a Designer’s Yacht Jul 23

One of the most famous architects of our times, Norman Foster, decided to design an unusual yacht.

It is made for the wealthiest clients that expect luxury and novelties. Units designed by Lord Norman Foster are constructed for the fractional ownership super-yacht company YachtPlus and its most demanding customers.

YachtPlus 40 signature series docked Norman Foster architect

YachtPlus 40 signature series stairs Norman Foster architect

YachtPlus 40 signature series top view Norman Foster architect

YachtPlus 40 signature series top view Norman Foster architect

YachtPlus 40 signature series interior Norman Foster architect

The appearance of a luxury 41-meter yacht is the result of 15 months efforts. An entity called the 40 ”Signature Series” is to ensure larger areas of decks and much more comfort than any contemporary yacht of comparable size. In the process of design the most emphasis was placed on quality and quantity of space, outdoor terraces, light and views. For example, the path from the largest of the four decks inside the boat leads through translucent staircase, what increases the amount of natural light that reaches the cabins. Glazed interior finished with wood and best materials should ensure the passengers comfort and excellent conditions during their cruise.

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Emocean Marina, small-yachts manufacturer rises in recession Apr 24

UAE boat builder is making a fortune and have sold more than 30 small-sized yachts in the previous year which is their first year of existence and operating. Abu-Dhabi based company Emocean Marina has managed to sell more than 30 boats in a category that is often called ‘pocket yachts’. The company’s CEO Hamad Kassab Bachi tells us his story and how his company profited during the global recession.

Emocean Marina Small Yachts Boats

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Emocean Yacht Design Team Cooperates With Devonport Yachts Apr 21

Emocean Yacht Design Team has cooperated with Devenport Yachts in the past. But now they have been exclusively asked to provide a futuristic design for a new range of concept yachts that are going to be produced at Devenport Yachts in the near future, as an addition to their range.

Devonport 160 Yacht

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Lucia M first superyacht by Dutch shipbuilder Jongert Shipyard Apr 19

Jonget shipyard based in Holland is proud to present their first SuperYacht, 39-meters in length motor yacht of the type 3900MY. The name of the yacht is carefully chosen, she is called Lucia-M. This is the first time in the company’s history to present a motor yacht with these dimensions.

Lucia M super yacht

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Tiger Woods’ Yacht Pictures,Privacy, Who Built It,Details,Price Mar 10

We are going to present you the latest Tiger Woods’ Yacht Pictures. Tiger Woods’ Yacht is called Privacy. He is busy as a famous celebrity all day long, he doesn’t have time to answer stupid paparazzi questions and take part in so-called interviews. And yet, there are people from all over the world, taking photos of his luxury yacht wherever he anchors, filming him and his mistresses wherever he appears.

His wife Elin Nordegren is tired of finding him in other women’s hands and bringing him back home. She became violent and crashed his car with a wooden bat, leaving it in pieces. Maybe Tiger Woods himself has earned some small injury on his face and body.

Tiger Woods Yacht Pictures Privacy Who Built It Details and Price

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Princess 95 Feb 09

princess 95 power yacht

The new flagship yacht of the Princess Fleet is the Princess 95. This boat has unusually large fly-bridge made from composite materials. Most advanced materials, refined construction process and interior volume make this boat excellent vessel capable of long-range relaxed cruising….

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Grand Soleil 50 Jan 29

Grand Soleil 50

Grand Soleil 50. In the world of luxury cruising yachts, the name Grand Soleil and Soleil Yachts which are based in Italian shipyard Cantiere del Pardo, are one of the synonyms for speed, high performance and extremely high quality…

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Nordhavn 120 Nordhavn Yachts Jan 25

Nordhavn 120 NordhavnYachts

This premium yacht is a result of a vision featuring optimal design and advanced technology and it has been constructed for the people who love ocean and consider it their playground. Big an elegant, with four decks, this yacht glows…

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Project Light at Fincantieri Yachts Jan 25

Project Light FincantieriYachts

Italian Shipbuilder Fincantieri has already built more than 7000 ships of all types, and every MegaYacht wasn’t just luxury traveling ship but an expression of success, refinement and style in the same time….

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