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Emocean Marina, small-yachts manufacturer rises in recession Apr 24

UAE boat builder is making a fortune and have sold more than 30 small-sized yachts in the previous year which is their first year of existence and operating. Abu-Dhabi based company Emocean Marina has managed to sell more than 30 boats in a category that is often called ‘pocket yachts’. The company’s CEO Hamad Kassab Bachi tells us his story and how his company profited during the global recession.

Emocean Marina Small Yachts Boats

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Emocean Yacht Design Team Cooperates With Devonport Yachts Apr 21

Emocean Yacht Design Team has cooperated with Devenport Yachts in the past. But now they have been exclusively asked to provide a futuristic design for a new range of concept yachts that are going to be produced at Devenport Yachts in the near future, as an addition to their range.

Devonport 160 Yacht

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