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The perks of fractional yacht ownership Jun 02

We are sure that many of you dream to spend at least a month or two enjoying the perks of yachting, but it has all been dreaming so far since you simply cannot afford it. Well, here is good news. You should stop dreaming since here, at you can make your dream come true with the help of fractional ownership.

SmartYacht Fractional yacht ownership

To find out about the perks of yacht fractional ownership we will first have to define the term fractional ownership. Fractional ownership is a partial share of something (mostly) expensive, between two or more fractional owners. In contrast to timeshare models, fractional ownership goes along with a real ownership, coming along with the right to trade and sell it as you please and get some money back. The most common forms of fractional ownership are aircrafts, however fractional ownership for luxury motor cruisers and yachts, property and supercars are becoming more popular! Fractional ownership means both sharing the enjoyment and costs over one of the products mentioned above. The financial benefits of fractional yacht ownership versus conventional ownership and charter are obvious: You simply mitigate your risk and save money in areas like acquisition, maintenance, management or mooring. With conventional yacht ownership, budgets usually dictate the size of the yacht you will own, whereas with fractional ownership, you enjoy a much larger yacht of a higher standard with that same budget. Moreover you can mostly take advantage of a professional management taking care of all the hassles of yachting, so you can really enjoy your precious leisure time on board.

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Top 3 Super Yachts to have Sex on Jun 01

01.) Lakshmi Mittal’s Newest SuperYacht carries a name Amevi and is a perfect yacht for your dream party and casual sex adventures.

02.) Carlos Slim Superyacht can make your day and night! With all the facilities featured inside, like a large cinema, heli-pads, dozens of luxury guest apartments, spa and fitness centers, it is clearly unmatched in style and elegance. Carlos Slim is the richest man in the world as of April 2010, and certainly he can afford to own and operate this kind of yacht.

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Billionaire Paul Allen selling his super yacht for huge £125million May 26

Paul Allen, the 57-year old co-founder of the gigantic Microsoft and a former school friend of the famous computer genius Bill Gates offered Tatoosh, a 301 ft yacht which he bought for £75.000.000 ten years ago with a price so high that has never been seen on the open sales market before – amazing 125 million pounds . The 57 year old millionaire gave instructions to a yacht broker from Florida to offload the vessel and chose this yacht broker to offer this yacht at the open sales market. This yacht is ranked among the 26 largest yachts in the world and is fully equipped with up-to-date assets including heli-pads on the stern of the ship. Its 2300 tone-weight vessel has the capacity of catering up to 20 guests and its staff has 30 members.

Octopus Paul Allen superyacht

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Yachts, Superyachts enriched the Cannes Film Festival 2010 May 26

82.9m Signora Del Vento Lady of the Wind Superyacht

The 63rd Cannes Film Festival was opened with screenshots of the newest from Ridley Scott – the movie adaptation on the story of the “Prince of the Thieves”, simply called Robin Hood. The first ones to step at the stage were the contributors to this film which has a guaranteed bright future ahead, as well as the starring actress Cate Blunchet and the co-producer, Russell Crowe. Other big names from the film industry whose years of work and successful movies have earned them the name celebrities were also attending this event, some of which were: Kate Beckinsale, Tim Burton, Woody Allen, Benecio Del Toro, Alberto Barbera, Vincent Perez and Emmanuel Carrere.
Cannes Film Festival is the home of the best the cinema had to offer the previous year. It also has the function of a home for some remarkable beauties from the yachts’ family. We will introduce you with some of them:

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Celebrity Yachts, Yachting Locations and Luxury Resorts May 09

Celebrity Yachts Yachting Locations Luxury Resorts

Everyone likes to go on vacation, especially the rich and famous. But the class and service of a 5-star resort can become tedious and boring. Often these getaways are littered with fans and paparazzi, which is a terrible burden when trying to relax and unwind. Much like everything else in their lives, the rich and famous tend to go overboard when they’re on vacation. In order to receive the utmost privacy and luxury, they’re happy to spend time – and money, lots of money – on luxury yachts. On board these behemoth’s they can holiday in their favorite exotic destinations while enjoying the privacy they crave. Despite a week on a luxury yacht costing upwards of $100,000, celebrities love everything the yacht vacation has to offer.

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Finding The Best Satellite TV Solution For Your Yacht Apr 28

Emocean Marina Small Yachts Boats

The perpetual sound of waves lapping against the hull, the smell of fresh water or salt, cruising under the sun, bobbing and weaving across expanses of open water, taking a dip, dining at sea, or partying under the stars. It’s all an exquisite adventure on the yacht of your dreams.

Whether you rent one for a vacation cruise or you own one that takes you on various journeys, your love of scuttling over oceans and lakes is both an escape and a treasure. Even with all that the boating life offers, sometimes you need some visual entertainment in the form of moving pictures that aren’t moving past the stern.
Of course, there are plenty of DVD and Blu-ray players, as well as video game players that can keep you busy. But, if you’re on an extended journey, you aren’t going to want to spend the hours you’ll need when you get back to landlubbing reality to catch up on all your favorite shows. Or for those who actually live at sea on their yachts, you may be missing just about everything.

amfloridian superyacht

There is an alternative. You can get satellite TV on your yacht. Technology is advancing in leaps and bounds, and part of these advances are satellite dishes that adjust to your movement. You can go with the standard dishes that will need some adjustments when you anchor for the day. Or you can get the flat discs that adjust themselves as you move.

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Eco-friendly Yacht, a contradiction in terms or reality? Apr 28

Emocean Marina Small Yachts Boats

When you hear the word yacht, several thoughts come to mind: luxury…affluence…beautiful women sunbathing and sipping mojitos amidst the shimmering cerulean waters of some equatorial heaven.  The yacht has long been a symbol of the lavish lifestyle that money can bring.  Certainly the majority of middle America has not added this item to their holiday wish list.  But one descriptor that most certainly does not pop into your head is “eco-friendly”.  Somehow, this term does not seem synonymous with the absolute opulence that one associates with yacht ownership.  And yet, after environmentally sound buildings and cars, green yachts seem like the next logical step.

And in fact, there are already several eco-friendly options available (or soon to be available) for those seeking their own private luxury liner with an emphasis on the environmentally sound.  So how do these floating palaces go green?  Some, like the Independence 60 motor yacht (, do it old school (like millions of years old) by running on solar power (plus, the hull is made entirely of 100% recyclable aluminum).  Island Pilot LLC also utilizes solar power with their DSe Hybrid 12m (, although it can fall back on clean-ish options like diesel and electric when needed.

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Emocean Marina, small-yachts manufacturer rises in recession Apr 24

UAE boat builder is making a fortune and have sold more than 30 small-sized yachts in the previous year which is their first year of existence and operating. Abu-Dhabi based company Emocean Marina has managed to sell more than 30 boats in a category that is often called ‘pocket yachts’. The company’s CEO Hamad Kassab Bachi tells us his story and how his company profited during the global recession.

Emocean Marina Small Yachts Boats

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Emocean Yacht Design Team Cooperates With Devonport Yachts Apr 21

Emocean Yacht Design Team has cooperated with Devenport Yachts in the past. But now they have been exclusively asked to provide a futuristic design for a new range of concept yachts that are going to be produced at Devenport Yachts in the near future, as an addition to their range.

Devonport 160 Yacht

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Lucia M first superyacht by Dutch shipbuilder Jongert Shipyard Apr 19

Jonget shipyard based in Holland is proud to present their first SuperYacht, 39-meters in length motor yacht of the type 3900MY. The name of the yacht is carefully chosen, she is called Lucia-M. This is the first time in the company’s history to present a motor yacht with these dimensions.

Lucia M super yacht

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