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Can Yachts Cross The Ocean? – What You Should Know Sep 04

Yachts come in various different designs and styles. Throughout the past few years, I’ve repaired and inspected a huge range of different yachts. Some of these yachts were quite cheap, while others cost millions upon millions of dollars. One common question that I often encounter is the question of whether yachts can cross the ocean. The short answer to this question is – yes. However, there are a lot more details that can be looked into regarding why this is the case. Here’s what you should know about yachts crossing oceans.

The port of Cannes, France

Yachts have always been built to cross oceans. They are a primarily saltwater vessel that has been used throughout history for a variety of different uses. Those that are acquainted with maritime history know that yachts have been used for everything from battles to fishing to exploration. Indeed, these vessels are immensely diverse and are available to be used for a wide range of different things. However, the one trait that yachts have in common with one another is the fact that they are used for crossing the ocean.

The defining factor about how much ocean a yacht can cover is highly dependent on its design. Many people, I’m sure, have heard about the large-scale yacht races that occur around the world. Hence, when it comes to yachts that are used for such events, they are usually very large and immensely well built to ensure that they can withstand the toughest weather conditions. This is in stark contrast to some of the cheaper yachts that have recently entered the market. These cheaper yachts often wouldn’t be able to withstand a fraction of what these large-scale professional yachts are able to.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the design and the quality of materials that are used for yachts which dictate how well and how long they can cross oceans. As mentioned, the cheapest yachts that are available are often made to fit simple designs and are created using cheap and low-quality materials. Because of this, they are usually only suited for days where the weather is quite calm. Furthermore, they can often only be used for a set amount of hours at a time before they need to be repaired or maintained.

On the other hand, the most expensive yachts that are used for professional races often are made from some of the best materials available. Furthermore, the designs that are implemented in these yachts are created by highly qualified engineers that are looking to maximize the speed of the yacht. What this ultimately means is that the yacht not only can travel across oceans much quicker than cheaper variations, but it can also withstand the toughest weather conditions.

Thus, the question of whether yachts can cross oceans is quite simple. However, the question of how long and how quickly these yachts can cross oceans leads to a much more complex answer. There is a huge variety of yachts that are currently available, and each one will be better at crossing an ocean than another.

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5 things to do in Fiji Aug 21

So, you’ve booked that Fiji holiday and now all you can think about while you’re at work is throwing off the shackles of your office and setting off for a few weeks of sun, surf, sand and cocktails. Lucky you! To help you while away the weeks or months until that holiday comes around, here’s a list of things you absolutely must experience while you’re there…start counting down the days!

Fiji – Blue Coral Reef
Fiji - Blue Coral Reef


The waters around Fiji are pristine and sheltered by surrounding islands, which makes them perfect for snorkeling and checking out the range of beautiful marine life under the surface. With temperatures staying solidly above 25 degrees Celsius all year round, you can bet that a little splash in the sea will be just what the doctor ordered as well!

Visit a Village

Fijian villages are spread over many of the islands that make up the nation, which means that while Fiji is technically governed by a president, many of the rural villages still have chiefs and run semi-independently in a much more traditional way. Visiting one of these villages is a must to understand Fijian tribal culture, but remember to pay respect to the chief by taking off your hat in his presence.

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Safety Tips for Yachting in Alaska Aug 14

Safety Tips for Yachting in Alaska

A yachting trip to Alaska can be the thrill of a lifetime. Not only do you get to see the beautiful landscape and scenery of Alaska, but you get to see some of the amazing creatures that live there as well – like whales! It could be one of the most exciting trips you ever take, but there are some safety issues that need to be addressed. In this article, you’ll learn several things to do and items to have with you in order to stay safe.
Having a Float Plan

Yachting in Alaska:
Yachting in Alaska

The most important thing to prepare before a boating or yachting trip is a float plan. A float plan is a document that describes various details of the trip. Some of these details include a physical description of the boat, descriptions of people on board the vessel, and your itinerary. The float plan is then given to someone not going on the trip. If that person feels that something is wrong or has reason to worry, he or she can contact the authorities and provide them with a document that helps with rescue efforts.

Flotation Devices

Personal flotation devices are a must for any yachting trip, and are actually mandated by federal law. There should be one PFD for each person on board, and they have to be approved by the Coast Guard. If, for example, the vessel happens to capsize or take on water, or you’re thrown into the water for any reason, the PFD can save your life. This is especially crucial in the cold Alaskan waters through which you’ll be travelling.

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Top Beaches in the UK Aug 05

Yacht owners and those who lease yachts for their holidays, are lovers of the ocean and beaches. The United Kingdom is a great place to cruise your yacht to, and also a great place to live and cruise your yacht from. The wonderful thing about being an island is having access to the most amazing beaches. From seaside resorts, to little fishing towns and villages, a trek to one of the following beaches is a must.

Sennen Cove is in the county of Cornwall; this beach is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches in the country. It is the UK’s surfing central so if you like riding the wild surf this is the beach for you. There are also charming restaurants with breath taking seascape views.

Sennen Cove

Camber Sands is located in Kent, and is the best example of the “perfect” beach. Not only is it stunning but also a part of Britain’s History. It was the scene of smuggling back in the early days, so if you want adventure or just to sit back and soak up the rays, then this is a must see beach destination.

Camber Sands beach

Dunster Beach located in the historical Somerset County, is a beach with a combination of sand and pebbles that makes it seem practically magical. What adds even further to the beauty are the the quaint chalets and medieval streets embracing Somersets heritage that are nearby.

Dunster Beach

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Why Visit Fiji? Aug 05

Fiji, belonging to the Oceania group of islands in the South Pacific, consists of over 300 islands and is located about two-thirds of the distance from Hawaii to New Zealand. The Republic of the Fiji Islands is made up of many islands born of coral and volcanoes.  The two largest islands are Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, which are home to the vast majority of the inhabitants. Fijians and Indo-Fijians (whose ancestors were laborers brought to Fiji from India) compose most of the residents on these two prominent islands. Suva, the capital of Fiji, is located on Viti Levu. There is a wealth of history and culture in the islands, which are largely unspoiled by man.


British rule reigned in Fiji for about 100 years before Fiji declared its independence in 1970. English is one of the dominant languages spoken on the islands and the majority of the citizens practice Christianity.  Commerce is based on tourism, sugar, clothing, processed seafood, silver, limestone, gold, and oil, among other things.

The tropical climate of Fiji has created captivating lakes and waterfalls and intriguing rainforests. The rainy season occurs from November through April.  The months of May through October are considered the optimal times to visit the islands. However, one should keep in mind that travel and accommodation costs are increased during that time period.  June and July seem to be the peak months for tourist and that coincides with the highest rates.

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London to Brighton: Day Trip or Voyage Gateway Jun 30

London to Brighton: Day Trip or Voyage Gateway
Londoners, both longstanding residents and very new ones, who appreciate the utmost in luxury enjoy the short distance to the Brighton Marina south of the city. Just a short hour long trip by car, those who want to relax and enjoy the weekend in a seaside town and get in some beach time love Brighton. Brighton has everything you could want in a holiday area– beaches, culture, history, stunning architecture, and lots of bars and nightclubs for when the sun goes down. However, many people fail to realize that Brighton also has a great marina for those who have their own boats or yachts, and yacht charter is also available. Also, those just outside of the UK, and visitors, frequently have no idea that such a great watersports playground exists so close to the urban area.

Marina Offerings

The Brighton Marina area offers a wide range of watersports equipment. Whether your interests lie in windsurfing, wakeboarding, or boating, you will find the latest high technology equipment for your use. There are also schools to teach you about sailing and powerboating, as well as wakeboarding. You can use your own boat and equipment, or you can rent equipment to use for the duration of your stay. In fact, there are even unlimited hire memberships you can use for this equipment throughout the season.

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3 Amazing Cruises in Asia-Pacific Jun 24

Ever wanted to visit the Asia-Pacific region? Discover it through a cruise. Hotel packages are available for cruise travellers who need a place to stay before and after their cruise. Visit ancient China, mysterious Thailand and colourful Malaysia; see the Australian coral reefs and the cliffs of New Zealand. Here are three great cruises available in the Asia-Pacific region. We hope these give you ideas for your next Asian or Pacific vacation.

  1. 1. Singapore to Hong Kong

Hong Kong:
Hong Kong

Offered by Holland America, this 14-day cruise will take you through Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and China. The journey starts in Singapore, an island city-state at the tip of the Malay peninsula. An ultra-modern city with lots of skyscrapers, it will satisfy the tastes of the urban tourists. The first stop on the way, Ko Samui island in Thailand, is a popular tourist spot only second to Bangkok. The island offers year-round activities and festivals and features the legendary Thai hospitality. After 2 days in Bangkok, the cruise moves to Sihanoukville, Cambodia. A growing tourist spot, Sihanoukville offers several quiet beaches and ancient pagodas. After a few stops in popular Vietnam spots such as Phu My and the famous Halong Bay, the cruise ends in urban Hong Kong.

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Yacht Insurance Jun 12

Many insurance companies provide plenty of coverage options for yachts and boats. When you are looking for specialist cover finding the right policy at an affordable price can be a daunting task. Besides, caring for yachts is much more harder than an ordinary boat. When it comes to yacht insurance it is all about protecting your investment. The fact that you own a yacht means that affordability is not an issue. Since you have spent a considerable amount of money you need to make sure to choose a yacht insurance policy wisely. To begin with, determine the extent of coverage you need. This should be similar to the cost of the yacht if your vessel is destroyed due to various reasons. Among the major risks is collision leading to an explosion, theft, and the possibility of sinking.

Yacht insurance:
Yacht insurance

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Great docks at great prices Apr 27

In the past it was pretty time consuming to build your own dock but today the times have changed and more people are getting ready to enjoy their boat docks Alberta without seeking professional help for installation and maintenance. That is why people are ordering floating docks BC that are fast to install and need zero maintenance.

Boat Docks:
Boat Docks

They are made of high quality materials, are durable and suitable for different weather conditions so it is important to make sure you are on the right side of things. With the help of fishing piers BC you can make sure you are looking at the right options for you and don’t waste money. So make sure you are doing it right and have fun with the best options you can ever dream of.

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Yacht Charter Ibiza Mar 23

Powering your way through the Mediterranean in a luxury powerboat is probably one of the most fun ways to enjoy your day.  Throw the Island of Ibiza into the mix and you have one of life’s delicious moments in the making. Ibiza yacht charter is extremely professional and if you are a small crowd, it can be a very affordable luxury. The boats range from ships for a 100 to gigantic speed boats and cruisers as well as classic sailing yachts. The odd party yacht or catamaran complete with DJ’s and people having fun may be spotted from time to time.

They are easy to book too through The Don Giovanni is our favourite.

Yacht at Ibiza:
yacht charter ibiza

Large groups for Weddings can be well accommodated on a number of vessels operating in the waters around Ibiza. Large parties and corporate events can be hosted on some classic sailing vessels hosting.

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