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Drivable Beaches Along the East Coast Jul 09

Edgartown Lighthouse, Martha's Vineyard, July 2006

No matter how much of the East Coast you’ve boated or driven, it seems like new beaches appear out of nowhere along the thousands of miles of quiet inlets, barrier islands, and sweeping harbors every time you retrace your steps. Indeed, the East Coast is home to hundreds of high-quality beaches whose names might ring a bell. Since most are within easy driving distance of a major city, these gems give new meaning to the phrase “hidden in plain sight.”

1. Moshup Beach, Martha’s Vineyard

Escape the crowded restaurants and snobby subdivisions of the Vineyards’ northern and eastern shores and head up-island to the Gay Head area. It’s an easy drive or a vigorous bike ride to Moshup Beach, situated beneath Gay Head’s towering heights. Much of this part of the island remains wooded, and the area’s residents will be more than happy to share their little slice of nature with you.

2. Kiawah Island, Charleston

It’s no coincidence that many of the East Coast’s best beaches are island-bound. After all, it’s hard to happen on an island by accident. Kiawah offers a little bit of everything: a serious swath of sand, several square miles of preserved lowland forest and swamp, and easy access to the inimitable Charleston, South Carolina. You’d have to head up the coast to a little place called Manhattan to find an island with easier access to world-class cultural opportunities.

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