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3 Reasons to Choose a Cruise for Your Next Holiday Mar 01

Sure, you may have seen a few episodes of ‘The Love Boat’, or spoken to a few people who have been on a cruise, but until you’ve experienced the sheer luxury, elegance and fun of a cruising holiday, you really don’t know what you’re missing out on. Cruising holidays are a great way to see everything you want to see without the hassle of organising transfers, individual hotels and transport. People love them for how easy they are—simply book, hop on-board and sail to your destination in style. Whether you’re hankering for the tropical sun and relaxation of a Fiji holiday package or the cultural explosion that comes with experiencing South East Asia, you should think about incorporating a cruise into your travel plans.

Fiji holiday package

Here are three reasons why a cruise is the best way to travel:


  1. Getting There is Half the Fun!


How many of us hop on a plane to our destination and immediately begin wishing the hours away, killing time by watching movies, reading, or trying to sleep in the cramped little seats while a three-year-old behind you kicks your chair. With cruising, the ‘getting there’ part – the part we usually wish was over fastest – is the best part of the whole experience, with the freedom to stretch out, laze by the pool, and enjoy a cocktail while you wait to arrive.

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