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Eco-friendly Yacht, a contradiction in terms or reality? Apr 28

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When you hear the word yacht, several thoughts come to mind: luxury…affluence…beautiful women sunbathing and sipping mojitos amidst the shimmering cerulean waters of some equatorial heaven.  The yacht has long been a symbol of the lavish lifestyle that money can bring.  Certainly the majority of middle America has not added this item to their holiday wish list.  But one descriptor that most certainly does not pop into your head is “eco-friendly”.  Somehow, this term does not seem synonymous with the absolute opulence that one associates with yacht ownership.  And yet, after environmentally sound buildings and cars, green yachts seem like the next logical step.

And in fact, there are already several eco-friendly options available (or soon to be available) for those seeking their own private luxury liner with an emphasis on the environmentally sound.  So how do these floating palaces go green?  Some, like the Independence 60 motor yacht (, do it old school (like millions of years old) by running on solar power (plus, the hull is made entirely of 100% recyclable aluminum).  Island Pilot LLC also utilizes solar power with their DSe Hybrid 12m (, although it can fall back on clean-ish options like diesel and electric when needed.

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