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Hov Pod SPX – Fun Hovercraft Sep 23

Hov Pod Hovercraft

Hovercraft from the English company Reaction International Limited is very easy and fun to drive. The experience of traveling with 45 mph on this air balloon is truly exceptional and not your everyday thrill, however the cruising speed is 30 mph which is still good.

Hov Pod Hovercraft

This secure amphibious vehicle has no problem running (hovering) over plenty of flat terrain types including concrete, water, ice, snow, sand and grass. It is much stronger and floats better than the models from carbon fibers, and it is suitable for more than a small family trip to the local holiday destination. It can be used effectively for hunting and fishing, security patrols, commercial and saving use. It is equipped with an engine, but it can be bought even without it, so you can customize it and finish it according to your needs. Learning curve is not very steep and you can drive it worry free in minutes.

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