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5 Reasons to Insure Your Yacht Dec 24

Owning a yacht is a great way to connect yourself with the sea and have a great time enjoying the sun and the open air while you’re at it. There are a lot of reasons that an individual or a family might choose to enjoy some water sports, and a luxurious yacht is a really great way to do that. Just like with any major purchase, you’ll likely be offered a whole lot of insurance options to cover your already-expensive new watercraft. If you just bought that brand new yacht, should you really go the extra mile and make sure you spend all that money to insure it? Actually, it’s a pretty smart idea to make sure you get insurance for your yacht, and we’ll talk about a few of the reasons why.

insure your yacht

1. Yachts Are an Investment. If you just purchased a brand new boat, you don’t need to be told this. They cost a ton of money, and if anything happens to your boat, you want to make sure your investment is protected. This doesn’t only involve things that might happen to your boat, however. If you happen to be responsible for something that happens to someone else’s boat, you want to make sure that you’re financially protected and aren’t going to leave someone else’s expensive investment damaged or broken. Yachts are very expensive, so you want to make sure you have a way to fix the situation if you break yours or someone else’s.

2. Stuff Can Go Wrong in the Off-Season. Just because you’re not driving your boat around on a regular basis doesn’t mean stuff can’t go wrong with it. Boats are just as likely, if not more so, to get destroyed or damaged during the off-season as they are when they’re enjoying peak use. A boat can get dropped, or any number of other catastrophes can befall it when it’s not in use. Some boat owners consider stopping their insurance when their boats are not in use, but the fact of the matter is that nearly 20% of all boat insurance claims get filed in the off-season.

3. You’re Liable Even if No One Is Driving. Your boat might just be sitting there in the dock, but if someone hurts themselves on or near it, you’re still liable. For this reason, it’s smart to have insurance. Just because you’re not around doesn’t mean someone else’s careless actions can’t get you into some serious trouble. It’s smart to make sure you’re protected even when you’re not around to make sure everyone is acting with safety in mind.

4. Natural Disasters Happen. Boats are exposed to the elements in quite a direct way, and are going to be exposed to a bit more in the way of natural disasters. When mother nature gets angry, you can put your car in the garage, and your house is probably pretty sturdy. Your boat, however, is going to be a little more vulnerable if you don’t take it out of the water. Lightning, storms, and water damage are all pretty common results of natural mishaps that can find you glad you paid for that insurance.

5. Vandalism Protection. Vandals can be pretty determined to get up to no good, and even if your boat is on a well-secured dock, someone still might be able to get in and damage it for no good reason. Having insurance is a smart way to protect against vandalism, since you can’t always monitor what’s happening at your dock all the time. With the right insurance, it’s relatively easy for a boat owner to have some considerable peace of mind. A site like can help you compare insurance rates for boats or any of the other automobiles in your life, and you’ll sleep better at night knowing that you investments are protected.

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