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Luxury Mega Yachts, Custom Luxury Mega Yachts Mar 10

Luxury Mega Yachts and Custom Luxury Mega Yachts explained from my viewpoint…Maybe the following Mega Yachts Pictures will give you some idea how to choose your future custom luxury mega yacht to look like:

Luxury Mega Yachts, Custom Luxury Mega Yachts

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Tiger Woods’ Yacht Pictures,Privacy, Who Built It,Details,Price Mar 10

We are going to present you the latest Tiger Woods’ Yacht Pictures. Tiger Woods’ Yacht is called Privacy. He is busy as a famous celebrity all day long, he doesn’t have time to answer stupid paparazzi questions and take part in so-called interviews. And yet, there are people from all over the world, taking photos of his luxury yacht wherever he anchors, filming him and his mistresses wherever he appears.

His wife Elin Nordegren is tired of finding him in other women’s hands and bringing him back home. She became violent and crashed his car with a wooden bat, leaving it in pieces. Maybe Tiger Woods himself has earned some small injury on his face and body.

Tiger Woods Yacht Pictures Privacy Who Built It Details and Price

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Grand Soleil 50 Jan 29

Grand Soleil 50

Grand Soleil 50. In the world of luxury cruising yachts, the name Grand Soleil and Soleil Yachts which are based in Italian shipyard Cantiere del Pardo, are one of the synonyms for speed, high performance and extremely high quality…

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Project Light at Fincantieri Yachts Jan 25

Project Light FincantieriYachts

Italian Shipbuilder Fincantieri has already built more than 7000 ships of all types, and every MegaYacht wasn’t just luxury traveling ship but an expression of success, refinement and style in the same time….

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Aicon Open 72 Yacht Jan 24

Aicon Open 72

The biggest yacht from the Sicilian IconYachts is built from fiberglass, 23 meters long and 5.31 meters wide on the widest spot, with two powerplants, 2 Cat C32 engines, capable of producing in excess of 1.550 hp and propelling this SuperYacht to an impressive speed of 38 knots….

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Solar Sailor Soliloquy SuperYacht cares about the environment Sep 28

Solar Sailor’s Soliloquy SuperYacht. The current trend is green. We are witnessing more and more eco-friendly cars, devices, gadgets, and the latest trend is influencing the yachting industry as well.

Solar Sailor Soliloquy SuperYacht Bow Silhouette

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Benetti Latinou (FB237) Superyacht review Aug 26

Benetti Latinou (FB237) Superyacht is a latest piece of art from Benetti Yachts, made for luxury charter travels. Don’t ask the weekly chartering price if your are not completely sure you can afford it :))) There are four decks at your disposal, prepare the money and enjoy..

Benetti Latinou (FB237) Superyacht

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Debirs 85 RPH LX Superyacht Review With Photos and Video Aug 24

Debirs 85 RPH LX At Sea

Another exotic Egypt made superyacht that you can cross an ocean with…

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