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Super Yachts in Australia and the South Pacific-A business paradigm Feb 14

Super yachts and Australia are a natural match. Australia’s huge coast and the surrounding islands are a perfect environment for big, fast luxurious yachts. Super yachts in Australia can combine all the beauty of South Pacific cruises with a vast range of sailing options and sights. This is also the right market for experienced operators who understand the tourist industry and know how to manage high capital investment operations.

Super Yachts in the Australian market

Australia is very much a nation on the water, when it gets the slightest chance.

super yachts in Australia
super yachts

There are two basic markets for Super Yachts:

The luxury market: In Australia, this is a very big market, and many of Australia’s yachts are top of the range. The yachting industry as a whole is very strong, with good services and support around the coast.

The tourist market: Australia’s gigantic, multi billion dollar tourist industry is highly competitive, and nowhere more so than in the cruise sector. This sector services the entire industry, and is perhaps unique in the world, in that it services an entire continent, and four different oceans.

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