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Top 5 technologically advanced yachts and superyachts Jun 24

Yachts today are the motor watertight homes of many wealthy individuals and this is no surprise since from the end of the 16th century until today, these sailing homes have experienced long and eventful history of constant development which is the reason why from sailing boats with the purpose of transport of the Dutch navy in the late 16th century, they have become luxurious resorts that could be afforded by very few.

Aside from the luxurious features, this period of constant improvement has made them the most technologically advanced beauties the seas and oceans have ever seen. This is the reason why it is logical to seek for the top 5 technologically advanced yachts in the newer models of the renowned yacht manufacturers.

1.) The first on our list is a member of the Bentley family. Bentley as a yacht manufacturer is known to bring the most technologically advanced pieces in the yacht industry. Each and every manufacture from this company is well known for the advanced military hull, completely equipped to provide the smoothest ride first of all thanks to the computerized motion control system and all of them are proven to beat the yachts from all other manufacturers, no matter the current sea conditions.

Bentley Super Yacht Gemini 192

Bentley Super Yacht Gemini 192

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