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Travel Tips for Exploring the Islands of Maldives Aug 09

Maldives Islands. Kuramathi Island Resort

Ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau advised Maldives visitors to approach with pious awe and profound reverence, writing that Man is Nature’s guest in this Paradise. Even the most ambitious resort developers have taken Cousteau’s advice to heart, working in harmony with Nature as they created some of the world’s most exotic and luxurious five-star accommodations. Residents and visitors alike tread lightly on these “miracles of rare device.”

In truth, Maldives holiday-makers never need leave their resorts to take-in all the islands’ joys and wonders. The Indian Ocean laps against guests’ front yards, and the sapphire-blue waters beckon from sunrise until long after sunset. Renowned for their friendly hospitality, resort staffers deliver every island delight to guests’ retreats, and they willingly collaborate in romantic adventures of all kinds. When curiosity ultimately gets the best of visitors and they inquire, “What should we do?” residents and hoteliers respond with just one word: “Explore!”

Hop from island to island.

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