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4 Basic Tips for travelling in Australia Oct 11

Australia is an exciting country to explore whilst travelling, but it can also be extremely dangerous. Australia is known for having extremely dangerous flora and fauna, which can cause serious and even fatal injuries. But this danger is easily preventable by thorough preparation and using common sense.

Australia Wild Nature

Regardless of where you’re travelling to, read up on the local area and the dangers within that area. For example, if travelling to Uluru, find out about the local fauna and flora that may present a risk. Do not unnecessarily risk your life by being unprepared.

When investigating your travel destination, take note of the safety recommendations for the area. Also, learn how to respond to potentially life threatening situations. For example, if you are bushwalking as part of some Great Ocean Road tours, learn about various spiders that inhabit the area and how to respond if bitten. That way, if the worst-case scenario arises and you, or you travelling companions are bitten, you know how to respond in this emergency situation. This preparation may save your or your travelling companion’s life.


You should also take note of the weather conditions expected for when you’re travelling. Whilst you may feel comfortable doing some Melbourne tours for example, areas such as Melbourne are renowned for their extreme weather, so be prepared.

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