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Travelling by Boat in Vietnam Apr 23

The sights you’ll see looking out of your Vietnam hotel room window will be vastly different to the view you’ll get when experiencing this beautiful country by boat. In fact, taking a boat ride in Vietnam is really a must. Just like when you are staying in Gold Coast apartments with beach views and a ride on the Aquaduck is a prerequisite for your holiday, so too a boat ride in Vietnam.

There are plenty of boat services which run between the mainland and the islands in Vietnam. Getting around from one place to another by boat is also rather cheap too. If you want to take a less scenic approach to your boat ride, take the express boat service between Vung Tao and Con Dao and between Rach Gia and Phu Quoc.

Ha Long Bay

Take a glimpse at the nature limestone wonders of Ha Long Bay. It’s full of limestone karsts and islands, each ranging in size and shape. Take a tour by boat and experience sandy beaches, freshwater swamp forests and freshwater lakes. There are plenty of tours you can take by boat which will ensure you don’t miss out on any of the beautiful sights here in one of the most popular spots to visit in Vietnam.

Travelling by Boat in Vietnam

Travel Along the Mekong River

Running through Vietnam, China, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia the Mekong River is the longest in south-east Asia. It’s simply brimming with history, culture and opulent natural beauty. There are many different tours you can take, starting at Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam for instance, to enjoy a portion of what the river has to offer. Take a ferry, small boat, raft or cruiser depending on the type of experience you want to have. Here is what you can expect:

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