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Interior Design Tips for a Luxury Yacht Jan 11

luxury yacht

In the minds of many, if you are fortunate enough to have a yacht then that should be visually appealing enough. And, on some levels, that conclusion would be correct. However, yachts are more than just “a big boat”; they provide a sophisticated experience—one that is filled with lots of space that provides all kinds of décor possibilities.

So, if you’re planning to spend a lot of time on your yacht, why not apply some interior design tips to make it as pleasant for you and your guests as possible? Are you looking for a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing? If so, we have five great tips below:

Use some bold paint. A lot of yachts tend to have a wooden or neutral interior. When you’re out on the open sea, that can be a nice complement to the scenery. But, there’s nothing wrong with mixing it up a bit by painting some of the rooms red, orange, bright blue or a shade of yellow or green.

Put in some hardwood or tile flooring. Another “signature décor trait” of many yachts is carpet. It can be OK in some rooms (such as the bedroom), but depending on the kind of furniture you pick, it could actually make the space appear a bit dated. No matter where it’s installed, there is nothing quite as beautiful as hardwood (or even bamboo) flooring. Or, if you would prefer tile, there are a lot of varieties in tile to choose from to fit any kind of look you want to achieve.

Get some blinds. If you’re thinking about using drapes to decorate your yacht, we definitely think it’s better to go with blinds. They’re modern, they come in many styles and they easily fit the look of any room. Wooden blinds and plantation stutters are attractive in living rooms and areas where you plan to do a lot of entertaining. Honeycomb shades, Roman shades or even bottom-up shades would be idea in your bedroom.

Adjust your lighting. Just going with the natural light in the day and overhead lighting at night can prevent you from creating certain lighting effects (such as a romantic evening with your loved one). That’s why it’s a good idea to put dimmers on your light switches. Also, being that yachts tend to have low ceilings, other lighting options to consider include recessed lighting, scones and even table lamps.

Consider wicker. If you tend to set sail year round, then wicker may not be your first décor choice; however, if summer is the main time when you are out on the waters, it’s a very simple yet beautiful kind of furniture to use. You can purchase wicker chairs for a table outside, wicker baskets for storage or even a wicker sofa set or loveseat. It’s light, it’s easy to maintain and it’s not very expensive. Just imagine a big wicker chair next to one of your indoor water features such as an aquarium indoor wall fountain. Doesn’t that immediately bring thoughts of “peace and tranquility”? Indeed, wicker is perfect for creating soothing memories while aboard your yacht, for sure.

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