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Top 5 Yachting Destinations Around the World Mar 14

Yachting Destination Monaco

There’s nothing more freeing and exhilarating than sailing in open waters. It’s an experience few people these days get to enjoy. But if you’ve ever gone yachting, you know it’s something that cannot be missed. When yachting in international waters you’ll see things that you cannot see any other way. You’ll notice how different the oceans look in various climates, you’ll catch and eat fish fresher than anything you’ve ever experienced, and sit back for sunsets untouched by civilization. Of course, you cannot get all of this sailing out of a cramped U.S. harbor. Here are five of the top yachting destinations around the world.

First of all, you must head to Spain and check out the Balearic Islands. It’s a stone’s throw from the beautiful resorts of Valencia, but will feel a world away from anywhere else on earth. The water is deep blue and crystal clear, and the climate is perfect for sailing. The islands are dotted with gorgeous cities, which means you’ll have no shortage of ports to visit for a meal and a stretch of your legs. The America’s Cup sailing competition takes place here, so you know it will test your sailing mettle as well.

If you want something even more off the beaten path, check out Borneo. This Malaysian destination is the home of the largest Asian sailing event of the year, meaning you’ll have plenty of yacht choices and hundreds of seasoned sailors willing to show you the ropes. It’s tough sailing, but absolutely stunning. You’ll find beautiful all-inclusive resorts, but also the sort of off the grid tranquility you can only find in Asia.

Is that a bit too wild for your tastes? Then check out the Bitter End Yacht Club in the British Virgin Islands. This is much more like a resort trip, with cabins for rent all around the sound. Lots of food and beverage options, and water activities from fishing to scuba diving to kayaking with the kids. And since it is a full resort for sailors you’ll be able to hire out any sort of yacht you might have in mind.

You probably wouldn’t be looking for international yachting destinations if you weren’t adventurous, so in that case you should definitely check out Turkey’s Ionian Coast. This is an adventurer’s dream, with endless hidden bays, secret coves and the mysteries of thousands of years of sailing. The shore is dotted with ancient villages and ruined settlements, giving you the feeling of being lost in history. It’s gorgeous and unique, but also incredibly peaceful. It isn’t busy, and the waters are calm, making it a great option for less experienced sailors.

Finally head to New South Wales, Australia, and the waters of Terrigal. Any quality Australia tour should involve some amount of yachting, as this has always been one of the best sailing spots on the planet. Terrigal is just a couple of hours north of Sydney, and provides challenging water and incredibly nice people. You will have some rain here, but that will only add to the excitement. And with civilized society close at hand you’ll have no shortage of places to hit up if you ever tire of the water.

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